Looking to invest in Start-ups?

Whether you are just beginning your investing journey or you are experienced and ready to expand your portfolio, we can thrive in the world of Canadian Start-up investments.

We have the expertise, resources, and connections to guide and accelerate your success.

International Investors

Partnering with international investors to introduce growth-oriented private equity solutions

To meet the needs of global investors and stay competitive in a dynamic market, Canada provides the most favorable business costs and lowest corporate taxes in the G7, while also providing tax credits and incentives for organizations looking to establish a business in Canada.

What we do:

Work together to identify your investment requirements, strategies, skills, preferred industries, and immigration needs.

Identify Canadian Start-up companies with strong business models and lucrative growth potential, and match them to your unique investment requirements.

Supporting you

Provide professional services through our strategic partners for:

  • Tax and Personal Finance advice
  • Real Estate

Provide critical logistical services, including:

  • Finding dedicated or shared office space as required
  • Establishing banking relationships

Preparation of all corporate documents and contracts.

Arrangement of Canadian Operations

Canada boasts one of the most robust and stable economies and has one of the most open immigration policies among the G7 nations. Companies that are born, seeded, and grown in Canada both continue to thrive in Canada and go on to scale globally.


Developing comprehensive business plans that meet both Canadian immigration and lender requirements.

We are facilitating networking opportunities for our clients to develop potential business opportunities.

Working with our corporate lawyers and tax advisors to help our clients set up business operations in line with Canadian business law requirements.

We are working with our immigration lawyers to offer our clients a complete array of immigration services (for example – work permits and permanent residency applications).

Providing a wide array of logistical services, such as assisting with bank relationships, real estate transactions, shared or dedicated office space, and temporary accommodation, as required.